9 Coffee Mugs from Philly Artists That Are Worth Getting Out of Bed For

Upgrade your morning routine.

coffee mug lead

Mitz Mug at Felt + Fat

On cold, wet days like today, the last thing I want to do is even think about getting out of bed. The only thing that makes it tolerable is the endless supply of coffee awaiting me. And the best way to make your coffee time even more enticing is by pouring said coffee into a gorgeous handmade vessel.

To wit: this roundup of nine unique coffee mugs — all made right here in Philly — that’ll actually get you out of bed with a smile. Or at least, something very closely approximating a smile. (Because let’s be real.)

Zola Jewelry Objects Black Dot Mugs, $55
BDDW Espresso Set, $110

Stanley Chester + Albert White Stoneware Skeleton Mug, $38
Marsiella Ceramics Mug, $32
Rider Designs Feather Coffee Mug, $40
Aandersson Agnes Mug, $24
Felt + Fat Mitz Mug, $42
Carved by Lisa Shino Espresso Mugs, $15
NCN Ceramics Turquoise Porcelain Coffee Mug, $28