10 Easy DIY Home Decor Projects You Can Tackle This Weekend

From hanging planters to hand-painted pillows, even the least crafty among us can handle these do-it-yourself projects.

Have some free time this weekend? Show your home some love with one of these easy DIY decor projects. From pretty planters to painted pillow covers, you can add some wow-factor to your space without (too much) heavy lifting. Consider it a Sunday afternoon well spent. 

1. Beautify a lampshade. 

All it takes is some fabric and spray adhesive to transform a ho-hum lamp into a statement piece.

2. Paint your flower pots. 

Or even easier: just wrap them in some twine. So cool!

3. Build a pipe shelf (seriously). 

This might seem crazy for a DIY newbie, but my husband and I have built these pipe shelves on two different occasions in two different homes, and they are pretty darn simple (if you have a few tools, of course). But, if the shelves feel too ambitious, I discovered last weekend that Home Depot now sells one-and-done pipe decor kits — for wine racks, console tables, mini shelves and more — so, really, you have no excuse.

4. Reupholster your ottoman.

No sewing skills needed.

5. Make no-sew roman shades. 

Can you wield a glue gun? Then you can make these roman shades.

6. Swap out your cabinet or dresser pulls. 


This is so easy you probably don’t need a video tutorial, but I included one, anyway. It’s always shocking to me how changing the knobs on my dresser or kitchen or bathroom cabinets transforms the look of my room — and it honestly only takes minutes to do. I’ve had great luck with pretty knobs from Anthropologie.

7. Make a hanging planter.

The tutorial above is for a boho macrame planter, but you can use all sorts of materials to match your style.

8. Paint some new pillow covers. 

My crafty sister-in-law blew my mind when she told me she’d hand-painted some plain white IKEA pillow covers to create gorgeous one-of-a-kind pillows for her couch. It takes a bit of an artsy eye, of course, but hers were simple black dots (in a variety of sizes) on white fabric.

9. Make a wall hanging.

The options for these are pretty much endless. The tutorial above provides some simple instructions for those with lesser DIY prowess, but if you want to try your hand at weaving, check out this neat step-by-step.

10. Finally print those photos — and make a picture frame wall collage.

Ever since my son was born nearly two years ago, I’ve been meaning to make a photo collage on one of his walls. Well, I finally got around to it a few weekends ago, and man am I happy with the result. Do your memories a favor and print some of your best photos, then arrange them in a wall collage. The tutorial above offers a smart idea for how to arrange them juuuuust right.