Main Line Monday: Let There Be Light in St. Davids

This house is perfect for the oncoming springtime and the not-so-distant summer.

730 Church Rd., Saint Davids, Pa. 19087

730 Church Rd., Saint Davids, Pa. 19087

Spring training baseball games have begun in Florida and Arizona, the days are getting longer, temperatures are going to be in the 70s this week (No, really)—the familiar signals of springtime are peeking out from behind the curtain of winter. With that, it’s only right that you’re going to be looking for a house where you can enjoy all of this new sunlight. This home in St. Davids is just that.

On the outside, it’s got a long, winding driveway perfect for riding bikes or playing pickup hoops. In the back, there’s a spacious yard and a pool and patio. The entire thing is landscaped well, too.

It isn’t quite pool season, however, and although it may be tempting to do otherwise, you’re still going to be spending a lot of time indoors as the winter continues to thaw out. Have no fear, because this house is still a great fit for those cold, sunny March days. Why is that, you ask? Two words: Natural light.

Almost every room in the house has some variation of large windows that let light in. There are double doors in the kitchen that are entirely windows. There are similar ones in a nearby library. There are even fan light windows in one of the bedrooms and the family room. Everywhere else, there are standard ones adorning the walls of bathrooms, bedrooms and offices. Combine these with the white interior and the light hardwood floors that the house has, and every room you walk in will be brightened up by daylight. See for yourself in the photos below.





PRICE: $1,600,000