Property’s Photo of the Week: You’ve Got to Have Guts to Clean Certain Philly Windows

Windows requiring some nerve: One Liberty Place, the Comcast building, the in-progress CITIC tower...

A photo posted by Robert Mann (@rcmannjr) on

We’ve got to hand it to Philadelphia’s window washers and façade restorers. ‘Cause honestly? There is no way we’d accept getting assigned a spot that high up a high-rise if we’re not going to be, you know, inside the building. But that’s just us. (Unlike our Heath & Fitness editor.)

The guys sprucing up One Liberty Place a few days ago, pictured here in a neat capture by Robert Mann (@rcmannjr on Instagram), have especially earned our awe, what with the mechanisms holding them up appearing to be a scarier version of the already intimidating (to us) bosun chair. Anyone know what the ones in the photo are called?

Perhaps we’ll soon be seeing folks right outside the exposures of Philly Mag land, since our building is getting its exterior refreshed. In the mean time, don’t forget to share the cool sights you see around the #Phillyscape!

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