Property’s Photo of the Week: The Calm Before the Papal Storm

Popeocalypse, Popeadelphia, Popemageddon – it's less than a day away.

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Follow Philadelphia magazine’s live coverage of Pope Francis’s historic visit all weekend long.

The past few days have been weird. First, an army of porta-potties (along with a bunch of other stuff) appeared seemingly overnight in and around the Philly’s core. Next, one by one, some of our fellow Philadelphians began to disappear and be replaced by WMOF pilgrims…. Then, quite suddenly, this morning was totally dead.

Call it the calm before the storm – as illustrated here by the zen sunrises (sets?) of the last few days – but the bewilderingly empty streets have left a post apocalyptic vibe to the city. But you can  forget its foreboding name because the Popeocalypse has, thus far, been a blast for bicyclists, pedestrians, this guy, and even some drivers who ditched their cars in favor of SEPTA and – *clutches pearls* – liked it. Now, we have only to see how the weekend will unfold

So, tell us – are you excited for the impending papal storm?

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