Rail Park Update: Philadelphia Art Commission Approves Design

Link to renderings below.

Rendering courtesy of Studio Bryan Hanes

Rendering courtesy of Studio Bryan Hanes

The June 5th Memorial wasn’t the only project to take a step forward yesterday. Almost a month after having granted conceptual approval for the Rail Park design by Studio Bryan Hanes, the Philadelphia Art Commission went on to give final approval for the anticipated park’s design on Wednesday as well, reports PlanPhilly’s Matt Golas. 

Here’s how Phase 1 was described during yesterday’s presentation. From PlanPhilly:

[…] Phase 1 would incorporate plant material and path surface materials (think chip seal paving) into the project. It also addressed how structural elements (think bridges) would be rehabilitated; how recreational features (benches, swings, lighting) would be strategically placed on the site; how toxics (mostly railroad ballast, very little PCB presence) would be remediated and how the entire spur will be maintained.

According to Golas, Center City District CEO Paul Levy said the park’s “public art component is being debated,” as commissioners expressed a desire to keep installations “appropriate to the spur.” Check out renderings here.