Comcast Could Be Eyeing Third Tower in Center City

Liberty Property Trust confirms it is partnering with Comcast on land purchases at 19th and Arch.


This is what the Philly skyline will look like with the new Comcast tower. Is there room for another?

Construction has just begun on Comcast’s second skyline-piercing building in Center City, but company officials may already be thinking ahead to the third.

The Inquirer reports that Comcast has partnered with Liberty Property Trusts to buy land at 19th and Arch, across the street from its current construction site, although officials at both companies say there are no specific plans — yet — for the parcel.

Liberty CEO William Hankowsky discussed the property in an earnings call:

“People have asked about this in the past,” Hankowsky said on the call. “We are acquiring some real estate at 19th and Arch. This is a great relationship and has yielded, I think for both parties, good real estate and good investments.”

Hankowsky said during the call that Liberty had yet to make any announcement about how it intends to develop the parcels.

“There’s nothing around the corner,” he said.

The 59-story Comcast Innovation Center — currently under construction, so no speculation needed — is expected to be complete in the first quarter of 2018.