Morning Headlines: Delaware County Gets Newly Designated National Park

A section of Woodlawn Trustees property is included in First State National Historic Park.

The Daily Times’ John Kopp reports First State National Historic Park in Delaware has received national park designation, meaning a section of the Woodlawn Trustees property, which stretches into Concord Township in Delaware County, has also been earmarked with the title since it’s included in the parkland.

According to Kopp, First State, which was refurbished in early December, was first “recognized as a national monument last year,” but only received national park status after the National Defense National Defense Authorization Act passed on December 12. Many are thrilled with the park’s new designation:

Diana McCarthy, founder of Beaver Valley Conservancy, called the park’s designation “an absolute, great achievement.” The conservancy seeks to preserve open space within the Brandywine watershed.

“The park was established in significant measure to protect the evidence of settlement in both Delaware and Pennsylvania,” McCarthy said. “The park protects some of these historic settlement patterns, but it doesn’t protect all of them. We are very focused on trying to protect the remaining artifacts that are in the Beaver Valley area.”

Kopp notes that the unprotected historical portions of the property include 200-plus acres of Woodlawn Trustees land in Concord. A residential development is being considered for this section.

Woodlawn property in Delaware designated as national park [Daily Times]

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