The Best Halloween Costumes for Urban Planners: Philly Edition

We dare you to dress up as the Divine Lorraine.

Photo credit (vacant building): pwbaker via Flickr. Photo credit (zombie): Nathan Rupert via Flickr.

Photo credit: pwbaker via Flickr (vacant building) and Nathan Rupert via Flickr (zombie).

On the heels of the architect costume ideas we told you about, we thought it only fair to show you Halloween guises aimed at urban planners. Planetizin has complied four lists of over 30 potential costumes, but we narrowed it down to five and added suggestions for how to Philly-fy them. Below, our picks:

Bike Lane — Black clothes, white tape, maybe throw in a helmet. No one will be expecting this, but with the topic of bike lanes gaining major traction in the city recently, it’s sure to earn a comment or two from bike lovers and haters alike.

Ruin Porn — Gotta be honest with you. There’s plenty of grand buildings that are deteriorating in Philadelphia (some of which will be revived in due time), but how you’re supposed to portray even one of them, I have no idea. Graffiti up an old t-shirt and put the building’s name over your forehead? This one is bound to get your creative juices flowing.

Subway Map — Visitors will be so grateful and you’ll have saved on some of the more exuberantly priced costumes: two poster boards (with the designated colors!) and you’re done. We suggest sticking in MFL and/or BSL arrival times somewhere in there for good measure. Hopping from Halloween party to Halloween party will never have been so convenient!

Public Transit — “You’ll need a good back for this one. Just slap a bus number on your chest and offer piggy-back rides. You can call yourself a carpool if you want, but public transit is much more inclusive,” says Planetizen. Don’t forget to give rides to people playing their music too loud, and at least one person with loose bowels.

Cities — City Hall, the PSFS building, One Liberty Place, the PMA– heck, stick any image of recognizable Philly structures on yourself and voilà. Bonus points if you go all out and actually have a mini replica surrounding you.

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