Philadelphia Named One of the Best Cities for Trick-or-Treating

Now guess which neighborhoods are best for gathering treats.

Photo credit: Chad M. via Flickr

Photo credit: Chad M. via Flickr

Being that it’s two weeks away, we thought you’d be happy to know that Zillow has named Philadelphia the 4th best town for collecting candy on Halloween. And while you might have guessed more upscale areas surrounding the city as obvious choices, think again! From the mouth of the real estate site:

While wealthier neighborhoods are often known for their frightfully sweet harvest on Halloween night, we calculate the Trick-or-Treat Index using a holistic approach with four equally weighted data variables: Zillow Home Value Index, population density, Walk Score® and local crime data from Relocation Essentials. Based on these variables, the index represents cities that will provide the most candy, in the least amount of time, with the fewest safety risks.

Below are the top 5 cities for trick-or-treating and their best neighborhoods.