A Translation of Carl Dranoff’s Main Line Times Editorial

He was being diplomatic, but if he could have said what he wanted to...

Photo credit: Laura Kicey

Carl Dranoff, above, is a diplomatic guy. Photo credit: Laura Kicey

In response to claims that the project has been opposed by many in the community, Carl Dranoff wrote an editorial for the Main Line Times today, in which he attempted to clarify some aspects of the plan that seem to have been lost in the bickering. Of course, he puts everything quite delicately, but as someone who was once in a PhD program for Translation Studies, I feel qualified to at least attempt a rendering into regular-person talk, i.e., the kind of thing I imagine he says at home, head in hands, when the frustration gets to be too much.

Dranoff Properties was selected to develop Cricket Lot in 2008 after an exhaustive Request for Proposal process. We have since then remained committed to Ardmore. [Translation: We could have walked away from this mess, but we didn’t.]

Dranoff Properties has also worked closely with community leaders and planners to make changes and enhancements to the project that address neighborhood concerns expressed during the past six years. We have continuously engaged multiple stakeholders in conversations about One Ardmore Place and we have been transparent in all that we have done. [Translation: Don’t pretend we haven’t talked about this ad nauseam! You know how many times I’ve shlepped to Ardmore in the past six years?]

The lack of adequate funding caused our project to hit a snag in 2011. The township asked me to come up with an alternative plan that would enable the project to move forward in phases and be funded with the monies in place. I did just that, utilizing my personal $38 million investment… [Translation: Did any of you take $38 million out of your wallet? Didn’t think so.]

Our collaborative work has led One Ardmore Place to be recognized by the Delaware Valley Smart Growth Alliance (DVSGA) in January 2014…Projects that receive DVSGA recognition are those that will “foster regional growth and redevelopment in a way that achieves important economic, environmental, and quality of life objectives.” [It’s not just me saying the plan will work; it’s an august organization without any financial stake. How about that?]

We can all agree that these are key goals for Ardmore’s continued revitalization and growth. [Translation: Come on, people. These are no-brainer goals.]

One allegation I would like to dispel is that the RACP funding is being used wrongly in a “residential” project. This is completely untrue, a deception by opponents. [Translation: I hope most of you realize that there are people simply making things up.]

The accurate fact is that mixed-use projects, which include residential components, can receive RACP funds if they are properly utilized and matched for non-residential portions. There are many projects that demonstrate this, including several successful projects by Dranoff Properties. [Translation: Do you seriously think Dranoff Properties would misuse funds? After all the successful projects we’ve done over so many years without any hint of scandal?]

I’ve spent more than half a decade working to bring this project to fruition, including lobbying efforts in Harrisburg for initial and additional funding totaling $15.5 million… [Translation: God, I am exhausted.]

…given timely approval and restoration of state funding, Dranoff Properties remains prepared to invest $38 million and put “shovels in the ground” in 2014. [Translation: I’m ready to take the money out my wallet again, but Corbett, it’s on you.]

We look forward to a successful partnership with the Township and its citizens to make Ardmore a true destination and make One Ardmore Place a project which the community will be proud of. [Translation: Let’s all work together on this, folks. It’s going to be great.]

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