And Brewerytown Is Still Booming!

Local developer MMPartners has more plans for the neighborhood.

rendering girard27_1-660x395

Rendering of the proposed Girard27 via Hidden City.

Looks like Brewerytown Living is going to have to update this map soon. In a partnership between developer MMPartners and lot owner Adco American Development, a proposal was brought forth for the double development of a 20-year-old vacant lot at 27th and Girard. However, before anything can happen, zoning variances must be granted for the two projects, which are planned for concurrent construction at the end of this year (or beginning of 2015).

The first is a five-story mixed-use building with 68 apartment units. It’s to be called Girard27. The ground floor retail would occupy 15,000 square feet of space and have its entrance facing north onto Girard Avenue; residential entrances would face east onto Taney Street and west on 27th. As of yet, no word on who the retailer(s) would be until zoning approvals come through (although, Hidden City reports Adco partner Dan Bleznak had this to offer: “We’re looking at a number of options, from local food vendors to national pharmacy chains”).

The second is a set of 10 three-story townhouses with a similar design on 27th Street, and reach all the way down to the parking lot behind the North Star Bar. Private garages will be included. More details from Hidden City:

Roughly 60 parking spaces will be positioned on the site’s interior, accessed by a single curb cut each on 27th and Taney Streets; the townhouses will have their own garages in the rear, used by the same cuts. Touches of green include a number of trees in the parking area and along 27th and Girard, sustainable materials to be used during construction, and possible on-site stormwater treatment.

JKR Partners is set to design both, including MMPartners’ other currently-in-the-works project: the Braverman Building, across from Girard Ave. JKR says they will “avoid making things look historic.”

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