Bart Blatstein Issues Shocking “No Comment” In Response to Rumor

Is he buying the lot at Broad and Washington? Well, he's not telling YOU.

blatstein at thinkfest

Bart Blatstein talks with Philly Mag Editor in Chief Tom McGrath at the ThinkFest Salon Series. Thankfully, he had a few comments that evening.

Yesterday Passyunk Post reported that there was a rumor that Bart Blatstein was going to buy the large vacant lot at Broad and Washington, aka, the Cirque du Soleil lot. Actually, this rumor has been on the wind for quite a while, but real estate deals take forever to go through, and it’ll probably be on the wind for a little longer before we get any confirmation yes or no.

However, a gal has to try, and try I did, so here is a transcript of our on-the-record conversation. If you’d just like to apply this transcript to other rumors surrounding Bart’s real estate deals, feel free.

Bart: “Hello?”
Me: “Hi Bart. It’s Liz Spikol.”
Bart [cheerful, because why not?]: “Hi Liz. How are you?”
Me [desultorily, anticipating failure]: “I’m good. I was just wondering if you have anything to say about the rumor that you’re going to buy the lot at Broad and Washington.”
Bart: “No comment.”

So there you have it, folks — straight from the man himself. As literature — particularly drama (I know this because I was in the high school drama club) — is largely interpretive, I will leave it to you to draw your own conclusions from his “no comment.”

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