Why We Love the #whyilovephilly Party

Pureed soft pretzel ice cream. Repeat: pureed soft pretzel ice cream.

little babyUnless you’ve been buried alive by Thanksgiving leftovers and holiday circulars, you have probably heard a little something about the #whyilovephilly party happening this Friday. The hashtag-movement-turned-annual-party is being thrown by a who’s-who list of civic organizations and local media and includes food, drinks, music and performances. We’re getting into the spirit by making our own list and love note to the celebration.

1. Have we mentioned the ice cream? Every Philly party has good local food and excellent craft beer these days. What they don’t all have is a Little Baby’s special recipe ice cream flavor created specifically for their event. Philly Love Notes documented the magic at Little Baby’s yesterday. If the Peanut Chews don’t get you, the Krimpets will. Just to recap, that’s Tastykake Butterscotch Krimpets with a soft pretzel swirl, topped with Goldenberg Peanut Chews.

2. The Arden is the coolest and the party is being held at the theater’s newest space, the Hamilton Family Arts Center. Go check it out yourself and pick up tickets to see Stick Fly.

3. Free transportation. Uber is like the aforementioned good local food and excellent craft beer: the on-demand car service is ubiquitous at sponsored events these days. If your party doesn’t have its own Uber promo code, you’re doing it wrong. New customers can access $20 in credits by using ilovephilly13 for party-related travel.

4. Amazing photography + genuine love notes. In conjunction with the party, sponsors have been collecting Instagram photos posted with #ilovephilly and #ilovephilly_13. The top four photos will be featured on postcards which will be available at the party for guests to handwrite their own Philly Love Notes. From there, the notes will be distributed around the city.

5. It’s free! All you need to do to snag tickets is register. Guests can donate $5 at the door, but proceeds benefit the Arden (see #2).

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