Thanksgiving Dining Rooms Where Decor Trumps Turkey

Elegant dining spaces that could take the edge off any family discussion imaginable.

People like to focus on gourmet kitchens when it comes to Thanksgiving. But what if you’re a guest who is somehow pardoned from slaving over the homemade gravy and the basting? Then you get to admire a lovely dining room, that’s what.

Here we’ve gathered six different dining rooms for the variety of special snowflake families in the universe.

5901 Overbrook Ave./7 bedrooms/$539,900
For the family who likes needs tradition. Here, eat below this beautiful chandelier. Try not to scrape your fork on your china, dear. And sit up straight. Swallow your repression right along with your fresh cranberry sauce.

210 W. Washington Square/4 bedrooms/$4.3 million
For the family who wants to avoid dicey conversations. Oh, you say you’re upset that Obamacare covers birth control? Well, look at that! You can see clear over to New Jersey from up here!

609 W. Gravers Lane/5 bedrooms/$1.975 million
For the family who listens to NPR together. The perfect space to talk about your family outing to the Léger exhibit and discuss hegemony in an open forum.

1236 South St./2 bedrooms/$310,000
For the family who needs an excuse to limit the invitation list this year. Sorry, cousin Eddie. No room at the table. We live in a trinity now.

271 S . 4th St./5 bedrooms/$2.239 million
For the family who likes a good argument. Because the best way to end any family argument is with the ceremonial slamming of a massive door.

2000 Mt. Vernon Street/4 bedrooms/$1.2 million
For the family who has some issues to talk through this year. No one leaves until I say it’s over.