Unusual Gray Gables Is Ready for Its Murder-Mystery Closeup

The grand Moorestown, NJ, home is one part "Murder, She Wrote," and one part "Hercule Poirot."

This home, which the listing calls Gray Gables, is an interesting mix of two aesthetics: Murder, She Wrote, with traditional Americana/country kitchen design; and Hercule Poirot, with wood details that gleam with Pledge-like luster.

Either way, it is the perfect house for a murder mystery, or perhaps a real-life game of Clue. There are eight bedrooms (more than 5,000 square feet) so you figure seven guests come to stay the night — but the host is found dead, and the guests have to determine who’s to blame.

Possible locations for mysterious occurances: the pool; the cabana; the solarium; the conservatory; the butler’s pantry (with leather-studded countertops); the three-car garage; the wrap-around porch; or the grounds, which have a pear tree, a flowering cherry tree, grapes, holly trees, and much more — but the fruit trees are good for poisoning subplots.

Incriminating letters can be thrown into the wood-burning cooking fireplace or into the gas fireplace. The farmhouse sink is good for scrubbing things off. And the pocket doors, well, they are the design equivalent of a well-kept secret.

The house’s period details are exquisite. Current asking price: $1,600,000

• Listing: 435 E. Camden Ave., Moorestown, NJ