Note to Bling Ringers: Think You Can Break Into This House? Think Again.

Comcast's home automation system would defy even those kids in California.

xfinity home security

Photo: Laura Kicey

If Xfinity Home had been in operation at Paris Hilton’s house in 2008, the Bling Ring would never have been able to break in — or get a movie made about them, for that matter. Comcast’s automation and control service goes above and beyond the typical “smart home” features that allow programming to save energy. Its security component is so rigorous, in fact, one might say it indulges paranoiac tendencies.

Example: Say you’re on a ski trip, but you want to be sure your home is safe. While you’re on the chair lift, take out your phone and view your house cam — live footage from strategically placed security cameras. If you don’t want to take the phone out because you might drop it, check your phone later to see if your house has texted to say a door was opened.

Better yet, still photos will be taken of people who come and go from your house, and you can look at those photos from your tablet or computer back at the hotel. Will this obsession compromise your romantic weekend? Yes. But your valuables will be safe.

There are options for renters, too, like a touchpad gadget that allows controls to be set where applicable. Given that renters tend to be younger, they’ll enjoy having another tablet in their lives, probably, especially one with apps, one of which is, curiously, Word of the Day.

The gallery by Laura Kicey below, of a Wynnewood home that employs the technology, has more information about the various security features that are available.