Midday Headlines: D.C. Firm Wants to Buy Closed Philadelphia Schools for $100M

Philadelphia School District Building

“It sounds too go to be true,” says Mayor Nutter after learning about an unexpected proposition from Washington, D.C., to purchase recently closed schools in Philadelphia. The amount put on the table? $100M.

Municipal Acquisitions, a D.C.-based real estate investment firm, is the interested party. And according to the Inquirer, the firm offered to “buy more than 30 shuttered school buildings.” With all the floundering around to find a solution for funding city schools and getting rid of the abandoned ones, you’d think this news would have officials collaborating to make it happen.

However, although Nutter learned of the bid from City Council President Darrel Clarke, the mayor and Clarke don’t seem to be on the same page. “He knows the two most lucrative deals are Temple and Drexel. Let’s stop playing games,” Clarke has said.

For its part, the School District has considered the offer, but “weren’t comfortable with selling to one buyer and cutting out public input over the fate of the buildings, many of which are landmarks in their neighborhoods.”

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