Post Brothers Party at Goldtex and Say, “Do Not Rent Here”


Photo: Liz Spikol

Tonight there’s a rooftop party at the Goldtex apartments at 12th and Pearl streets in Callowhill. Like other Post Brothers jawns, it has a quirky title: “Do Not Rent Here” — a provocative first sentence the buildings trades would likely agree with — followed up by “You’ll Never Want to Leave.”

The event is meant to showcase “Goldtex’s state-of-the-art amenities and its class-leading green living experience.” Attendees can tour one- and three-bedroom apartments, or just enjoy free food and drink served up by Cafe Lift/Buffad Pizza, and listen to DJ DSC of Hair O’ The Dog fame.

Mike Pestronk, one of the two owners of Post Brothers Apartments, which developed Goldtex, said they’d been asking L&I for an event permit for more than a month, and were still waiting for it to come through as of early this morning. Matt Pestronk said, “If they don’t give it to us, it’s because they’re corrupt.”

Fortunately for the success of the event, the permit did come through around 11 a.m.

One of the party perks tonight will be for prospective renters, who can enter for a chance to win six months of free rent. There will also be other move-in specials on offer. We asked Matt if he thinks potential renters might be wary of moving into a building that’s still under construction.

“They’re not moving into a floor that’s under construction,” he said. “They’re moving into a floor that has a temporary certificate of occupancy. There’s probably going to be construction noise, but not for much longer.”

He said he doesn’t understand why people ask about the logic of renting a building out before it’s entirely done with construction. “If you have units that finished, you’re giving away money by not having them leased. We’re doing what we’re allowed to do in terms of leasing it up–we’re doing everything by the book. Everything we’re being asked is because we would not submit to a protection racket by John Dougherty.”

Speaking of Johnny Doc, given the, um, tension between the Post Bros. and the building trades, does Matt think union protesters will show up tonight, perhaps with an inflatable rat? He sighs. “I just don’t care.”

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