Afternoon Obsession: Philadelphia’s Narrowest Homes

new-york-narrowest-houseAccording to Curbed New York and the New York Post, New York’s narrowest home (pictured left, in a photo from Curbed) has finally sold for $3.25 million. At its widest, the slight house comes in at 8 feet, 4 inches. To add to this wonder, the place has also been home to some famous residents, namely Cary Grant and Edna St. Vincent Millay.

Inspired by this news, I went on a little hunt for Philadelphia’s slimmest digs. Apparently, this is a disputed issue about the web. A Philadelphia Speaks thread led me to a couple residences–one at 305 W. Oxford Street and another at 616 N. Second Street–that arguably grab the win at 10 feet wide.

This may bring thoughts of simplicity to some or attacks of claustrophobia to others, and yet neither New York nor Philadelphia competes with the world’s thinnest in Warsaw, Poland, measuring 4 feet at its widest.

305 W Oxford Street:

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616 N Second Street:
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Photos via Google Maps