Trinity Tuesday: Queen Village 2BR With Working Fireplace

This home is on Third Street between Fitzwater and Catherine–the same block, the listing notes, as the New Wave Cafe. What this means is that the new owner of the home can match wits or hits by playing Quizzo or bar-league softball (vs. Standard Tap, Johnny Brenda’s, the P.O.P.E., etc.) as part of the bar’s communal activities.

The two-bedroom house has hardwood floors, a stackable washer/dryer, a working fireplace and a gated entrance and walkway shared only by a few other neighbors. The kitchen was recently remodeled, and that third-floor bedroom has the working fireplace as well as the somewhat odd exposed ceiling beams. Psst! Ceiling! We know the beams aren’t holding you up!



Listing: 777 S. Third St. Unit 3 [Estately]