Afternoon Obsession: Bath to the Future


Twenty-first-century bathroom design–if you prefer Dwell to Restoration Hardware–has been elevated. The bathtub has risen! Dazzling design bloggers and the New York Daily News, Britain design company Splinter Works recently released its limited-edition Vessel, the hammock-shaped ultimate bathtub design born from the company’s interest in the paralleled relaxation of both hammock and bathtub. The company will produce only 12 in myriad colors, from blue to bronze, for a hefty $33,000+.

Meanwhile, Russian Alexander Zhukovsky has created the Bathsphere, an all-glass “space in space” that offers not just any escape, but a completely customized retreat. One can adjust temperature, humidity, light, sound, and even smell within this weightlessness-inducing orb. Rainforest today; coral reef tomorrow. Even for the more traditional (and self-conscious), this is pretty awesome.