Seriously? Man Operating Vehicle During Building Collapse Is on Record As Bad Vehicle Operator

Sean Benschop was the man operating the excavator–a giant vehicle of far greater complication than an automobile–when the building collapsed at 22nd and Market. Given its complex, pseudo-vehicular nature, an excavator may be best operated by a person who has good relationships with vehicles in general (think: Fred Flintstone’s versatility).

Benschop, who used the alias Kary Roberts, has had 16 vehicle-related convictions since 2006. Now, it’s not as though anyone in this city venerates Traffic Court proceedings, but few of us, with alias or without, have 16 Traffic Court convictions. Benschop drove without a license. He drove without insurance. He operated unregistered vehicles. Was the safety of others in relation to giant, dangerous vehicles a big concern for Benschop? Let’s hazard a guess. Let’s guess no.

Let’s also say this: Campbell may indeed feel “distraught,” as a woman at his home asserts. We’re sure he does. He obviously never meant for this to happen. But did he hire the best guy for the job when he hired Benschop/Roberts for excavator operator? Let’s hazard a guess. Let’s guess no.

Excavator operator: ‘Nothing I can say right now’