Free People’s Doub Hanshaw Sells Amazing, Incredible Loft Within the Fully Expected 3-Second Timeline

A few weeks back, we presented a gallery listing of the spectacular Kensington loft owned by Doub Hanshaw, creative director of Free People. It was actually a onetime auto mechanics’ garage, but it’s got that loftlike feel. Having been featured everywhere from Apartment Therapy to Philly Mag, the space’s listing is gone from the original broker’s page, with a sale pending.

As a side note, Free People got a humorous writeup last month when Curbed National covered their offices with this headline: “Free People’s Office Could Double as a Free People Catalog.” Then:

Each room seems to be occupied with colorful, worldly prints, hanging plants, hand-hewn furniture, and—of course—faultless, whispy women, giving the whole place the look of an office-centric Free People catalog.

Hanshaw’s home had more of a Anthropologie/Urban Outfitters vibe. Unfortunately for the new owner, she’s probably taking most of her furnishings–and personal style–with her.

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