Property’s Morning Obsession: New Center City Men’s Store and Its Luscious Coffee Table Book

The European men’s store SuitSupply opened this week in the long-vacant ground floor of the Lanesborough at 16th and Locust.  The extremely stylish men’s fashion house from Amsterdam chose Philly after noticing that many of its website orders came from here as well as the fact that Philadelphia men would go to New York just to hit the Manhattan location.

For the 4,300-square-foot store’s grand opening, SuitSupply handed out enormous coffee table books with exquisite images from its advertising campaigns taken by photographer Carli Hermès. Being European, the images feature plenty of nudity and representation of (to put it in Puritanical American terms) sexual congress and lewd behavior. One woman, for instance, can’t seem to keep her hand off her breast. Go for it, honey!

The clothing is exquisite too, and brings an added touch of class to Center City retail. Here’s what the store looks like.