Property’s Morning Obsession: Outstanding Exemplar of Italianate Architecture in Montco

18 Mainland Road in Mainland, Pa., has a lot of hallmarks of Victorian Italianate architecture, with three stories, flat roof and the ornamental cornices and brackets typical of the style. The symmetry of the squared off windows, though not strictly adherent to the form as defined today, is rather satisfying and clean. The four-bedroom, three-bath house was built in 1855, not long after the Italianate style came to the U.S., having been inspired by Tuscan villas. If the idea of a Tuscan villa in Montgomery County appeals, read on.

Mainlaind, Pa., is near Lansdale, and is one mile from the Turnpike. This house is on almost two acres of private land, and given that Mainland is teensy, it’s the perfect place to live near the city but not too near. See Philadelphia Magazine’s piece on Northern Montco suburbs to get the idea.

18 MAINLAND Rd MAINLAND, PA 19438 [Refin]