Rittenhouse Hotel Renovation Begins: Biecker to Leave, Lacroix to Stay

bieckerThough the Hersha Hotel chain bought the Rittenhouse Hotel more than a year ago, the visible rehab and renovation efforts are quite recent. Today, smartly dressed young men scurry around with swatches and new light fixtures appear on the wall, looking more Hotel Monaco than classic, staid Rittenhouse. This should be interesting.

There has been apprehension among the Rittenhousers that Hersha, which doesn’t have much five-star experience, wouldn’t retain the five-star designation. Then Lacroix panic briefly set in–without the five stars, would Lacroix stay? Not to worry: Hersha will keep the five stars and Lacroix will remain.

In addition, Hersha may be trying to bring in some heavy hitters in other arenas. Adolf Biecker Salon and Spa was unable to reach an agreement with Hersha. So Biecker will move in September to 1605 Sansom Street, the site of The Sansom and Medium Rare. Meanwhile, Hersha is interviewing replacement salons, and we hear they’ve spoken with Frederic Fekkai, whose other salons are in places like New York, Greenwich, CT, Dallas and St. Barths, where people pay $400 for a blow-out. Would that play in Philly? It’s definitely fun to think so.