“Sir, You Are Not Lance Armstrong” (Even Without the Whole Doping Thing)

A disgruntled non-bike rider in Northwest Philly pens an open letter to his Northwest brethren who do ride bikes on Philadelphia Speaks, and it is priceless. Though he says he loves having the cyclists in the neighborhood, he tires of “the certain percentage of you who are idiots.”

Case in point: The x-treme mountain biker today whom we “met” while walking our dog on one of the trails in Andorra. This trail was no more than three feet wide and is very steep. Sir, you are not Lance Armstrong. You do not need to go whipping around the trail as fast as possible, telling us to watch out when you’re about five feet behind us and then laughing as we have to practically dive out of the way of your $2,500 fully loaded bike. This is just obnoxious and unsafe behavior, especially since you came only a few inches away from having your back wheel connect with my dogs face. You are not in the X-Games. Please be considerate of those of us who do not have sculpted legs that we show off while wearing spandex and prefer to have a meandering walk in the park.

There’s more, of course.

An Open Letter to Bike Riders in NW Philly [Philadelphia Speaks]