Property’s Morning Obsession: The Louis XVI Renovation of Ziggy Stardust’s Retirement Home

The new Robb Report is out, and it’s the home issue, which means that instead of featuring cars, watches, jewelry, cars and a supplementary magazine about cars, April’s Report features cars, watches, jewelry, cars, a home, a hotel and a supplementary magazine about cars. For interior design freaks, the most exciting article is about the Grill Room at the Café Royal in London. As if the hotel wasn’t drool-worthy enough, now it has renovated the Grill Room, and returned it to its Louis XVI splendor.

According to the Cafe Royal website, the Grill Room “is where Oscar Wilde fell in love with Lord Alfred Douglas, Aubrey Beardsley debated with Whistler, David Bowie retired Ziggy Stardust and Mick Jagger, the Beatles and Elizabeth Taylor danced the night away.”

The renovation of the circa-1865 Grill Room is exquisite. Bowie might want to visit now that he’s back in action–though Ziggy is still down for the count.