Long Live the Queen: 5 Reasons to Live in Queen Village

NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH: 5 Reasons to Live in Queen Village

Bound by South Street and Washington Ave and Front and 6th Streets, Queen Village is the city’s oldest neighborhood, settled by the Swedes before the English even arrived, and home to the city’s oldest structure, the 1700 Old Swedes’ Church. After a period of urban blight in the latter half of the 20th century, the neighborhood underwent a transformation in the early 2000s, quickly becoming one of Philadelphia’s most desirable neighborhoods for families and professionals. Looking for reasons to move to Queen Village? We’ll get you started with five.

1. Queen Village offers a number of great restaurants, bars and cafes concentrated in a small radius. Residents have a litany of restaurants to choose from, including Dmitri’s, Little Fish and Kennett, and plenty of popular bars where they can whet their whistles, such as New Wave Café. And you’ll find locals lined up for larger-than-mouth portions at Famous 4th Street Deli, a New York-style deli with to-die-for cookies.

2. Queen Village residents also find it easy to indulge in retail therapy. The 4th Street corridor between Bainbridge and Catharine Streets, or Fabric Row, is home to an array of different fabric shops along with unique boutiques, including the shoe maven’s dream Bus Stop Boutique. And for more pedestrian needs, Queen Village offers easy access to Columbus Blvd. shopping including Super Fresh, Home Depot, Lowes, Target and Ikea.

3. For the city resident who needs to commute to a job directly north and south of the city, Queen Village’s easy access to 95 is a big plus. Being able to hop on the highway without battling cross-town traffic can help dampen any road rage.

4. One indicator of Queen Village’s family-friendly vibe is the number of strollers parked outside local eateries on a warm day. Another is the laughter and shouting and little tots running around at the festive Weccacoe Playground on Catharine Street.

5. Since it’s one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, Queen Village boasts a number of historic buildings, including homes with charming 18th and 19th century architectural features. Currently for sale is the Shippen Way Inn, a circa 1750 structure with wood beams and seven cozy bedrooms.

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