An In-home Bar Where Everybody Knows Your Name

If you’re starting to pick up more items at the grocery store to go into your drinks than to go into your meals, it may be time to start thinking about how to stock a home wet bar. With the craft cocktail movement in full swing, who doesn’t love concocting unique drinks and serving quality wines and beers in their own home?

There are so many barware trinkets for sale that it may become a bit overwhelming. However, you can grab a few, relatively inexpensive essentials that will make your drink-making easier and impress your guests.

Cocktail Shaker: An essential for any aspiring mixologist, shakers make for better mixing and cooling of cocktail ingredients.

Zester: Adding citrus zest as garnish can take any drink from plain to upscale restaurant quality.

Muddler: Use it to muddle herbs and fresh fruit to add the flavor and color to all of your creations.

Assorted Ice Cube Trays: Not all drinks are best with regular ice cubes from the freezer dispenser. Look for trays that make large ice cubes and ice balls for spirits on the rocks.

You'll find a full bar at 2300 Old Sentinel Trl in Mavern.

You’ll find a full bar at 2300 Old Sentinel Trl in Mavern.

Recipe Books and Apps: Now that you have some of the basic equipment, you’ll want to know how to use it! Many bookstores are rife with cocktail books that are bound to give you plenty of inspiration.If you have a smartphone, try the Mixology app for IOS or the Bartender app for Android.

Wet Bar: Having your own wet bar in the space where you entertain will allow you to showcase your Tom Cruise-in-Cocktail acrobatic bartending skills.

Looking for a home with a built-in wet bar? Check out 141 Center Mill Road in Chadds Ford or 2300 Old Sentinel Trl. in Malvern.