Map: 90 Percent of Philadelphians Are About As Sluggish As You’d Expect

The Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities’ blog has been rolling out these handy commute-to-work maps to show which Philadelphians use public transit, which drive and which walk or bike to work. The breakdown by neighborhood, inasmuch can be gleaned from the maps, doesn’t reveal many surprises. For instance, there’s a lot of public transit use from Southwest, North Philly and Upper Northwest.

philadelphia commuting patterns

The majority of people relying on cars, vans or trucks are coming from the River Wards, the Northeast and the lower Southwest.

philadelphia commuting patterns

As for those who walk or bike to work? Come now, did you actually think a lot of Philadelphians did that? Only 10 percent of Philly residents rely on their own bodies to propel them forward. Many live in areas that have hybrid vehicles dotting the landscape, like West Philly towards University City and Mt. Airy. Parts of Center City have a high density of walk/bike commuters as does what MOTU calls North Delaware.

One thing to note when contemplating such stats, which come from the Census Bureau’s 2007-2011 American Community Survey: Not all who bike to work do so to keep the earth green or to bolster their cardiac health. Undocumented immigrants in Philadelphia also ride bikes because they can’t get driver’s licenses, so that factor–assuming they took part in the survey from which the data was collected–could play a part in the results.

Via Philadelphia Speaks.