Cedar Park: Thrift Store Out, Little Baby’s Ice Cream In

After filling you in on the sale of Tony’s Just for Men Barbershop and the Green Garden Chinese restaurant business on Baltimore Avenue, we have yet more news from Cedar Park.

First of all, the quirky thrift store at the corner of 45th and Baltimore is for lease. That corner has some strange juxtapositions: There’s the A-Plus, with its bargain-rate ATM and plexiglass window protecting the cashier, and Milk & Honey Market, home to $50 locavore cheese wedges. Meanwhile, the thrift store kept irregular hours and had an appealing mishmash of merchandise, but no strong point of view. It also had stiff competition from thrift behemoth Second Mile, just a few blocks away. The store should be good for some smart business person. It has 40 feet of frontage and and 1,200 square feet inside. The leasing is being handled by New Age Realty Group, and is priced at $2,100 per month.

cedar park thrift store

The shuttered thrift store, now for lease, at 45th and Baltimore.

In better news, Property’s sister site Foobooz reports that Cedar Park residents have (unsurprisingly) responded favorably to the rather unusual petition from Little Baby’s Ice Cream to invade the neighborhood with deliciousness. In an open letter prior to a Feb. 21 zoning meeting, Little Baby’s wrote:

This to-be-approved-of shop, to be named “Little Baby’s Ice Cream Cedar Park Embassy” (i.e. #LBIC #CPE), will, along with Little Baby’s Ice Cream World Headquarters (i.e. #LBIC #WHQ), serve as a destination for dessert seekers young and old to find our unique Hand-Made, Small-Batch, Super-Premium Philadelphia Style Ice Cream and Non-Dairy & Vegan Frozen Desserts, as well as our Hand-Made Cookies, Milkshakes, and everything else that our Future Selves dream up.

That kind of idiosyncratic capitalization can be very persuasive, as can words like “dessert” and “cookies.” The Cedar Park neighbors have sent a letter of support to the city, which we can tell you is far more than they did for Subway. “Tuna hoagie from a chain” isn’t as persuasive.

4501-03 Baltimore Avenue, Philadelphia PA 19143
UPDATE: Little Baby’s Cedar Park Embassy Is A Go