Rooftop Decks in Philadelphia to Cure Your Acrophobia: Center City Edition

Urban dwellers know you often have to go up before you can go out. Rooftop decks in Philadelphia not only afford an ideal solution for an outdoor living space in the city, they also typically come with spectacular views. For obvious reasons, roof decks make great entertaining spaces, whether its to grill up steaks, to watch holiday fireworks or to enjoy a warm evening under the stars.

838-40 Lombard Street in Philadelphia

838-40 Lombard Street in Philadelphia

They’re also great for planting gardens in an urban setting or creating a green oasis in the concrete jungle that is the city. If you don’t have a green thumb, you can always add some potted plants to your rooftop setting, which not only gives a touch of color but displays some of your personal taste.

Of course, sometimes a rooftop deck can have too much sun, so you’ll want to incorporate some awnings to allow for some shade.


Real Estate for Sale With Rooftop Decks in Philadelphia

1932 Panama Street

838-40 Lombard Street