The New Season of “Married at First Sight” Features All Philly Couples

Eight Philadelphians marry someone they just met. What could possibly go wrong?

married at first sight

Courtesy the “Married at First Sight” Facebook page

Early last year, we shared the news that “Married at First Sight” — you know, that reality show where couples meet for the first time on their wedding daywould be casting for its 8th season in Philadelphia. Well, the lucky (?) participants have been selected, the weddings have happened, and the episodes are finally here! The first premiered New Year’s Day.

The couples include:

• Jasmine McGriff, 29, and Will Guess, 37

• AJ Vollmoeller, 37, and Stephanie Sersen, 35

• Keith Dewar, 29, and Kristine Killingsworth, 28

• Luke Cuccurullo, 30, and Kate Sisk, 27

Judging by the trailer, it’s tough to say which marriage will go the distance. Kristine and Keith have great chemistry, but she has to lay down the law down quickly about sexist expectations in the kitchen. AJ and Stephanie share similar ambition levels, but they can’t agree on where to go to dinner. (Can any couple agree on where to go to dinner, though?) Luke and Kate … well, she cries twice in the preview alone.

Will you be watching? We certainly will be — and we’ll share more about the couples, their weddings, and any other juicy tidbits we uncover as the season progresses.

New episodes of “Married at First Sight” air Tuesdays at 9 PM on Lifetime. If you don’t subscribe to the channel, a bootleg version of the first episode has yet to be removed from Youtube for copyright infringement. You can watch it here.

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