PW Reader Ring Kim & Henry!

Kim's ring!

Kim’s ring!

The couple: Kim Belcher and Henry Nace, from Downingtown.

The ring: My ring has a platinum French pavé setting with a round solitaire diamond. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to wear such a beautiful ring for the rest of my life.

If you ask Henry, he’d say that he looked at hundreds of different diamonds over the course span of a year. He couldn’t find exactly what he wanted anywhere, so his research ended up taking him to Blue Nile, where he meticulously hand-selected the solitaire and customized the ring. I have to give him major kudos because we never looked at rings, and I never gave him the slightest hint of what I wanted.

The proposal: We were heading to Baltimore for Preakness weekend with my family and friends. It was the first year we had been invited, so we were both really excited.

A few weeks before the Preakness, Henry suggested we head down a night early and make a long weekend out of it. Days before leaving, I had been told we were staying at Hotel Monaco. He also said that we had no set plans for Thursday, that we’d have a low key day with no reservations or anything (which was suspicious for him considering he leaves nothing unplanned). Little did I know, he had an entirely different evening planned!

As we arrived in Baltimore, he turned onto a street leading us in the opposite direction of our hotel. Like any girl, I start to get a little sassy and tell him he was going the wrong way (I am the directionally gifted one in our relationship). He ignored me, so I gave up and let him do as he pleased. Without paying much attention, we ended up stopped in front of the Four Seasons. Tada! The first surprise.

After checking in, we headed to our room to unpack and relax. Opening the door, I realized it wasn’t just any room—it was a corner suite with floor-to-ceiling windows and expansive views of the harbor; we’re talking two-bathrooms type of room. We were greeted by champagne and fruit (all of which I thought were a normal greeting at the Four Seasons). It turned out, none of it was normal and I was completely shocked when he pulled out the ring and got down on one knee!

The band: We haven’t done much shopping yet, but I plan to match the band on my engagement ring for a classic and clean look.

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