Here’s How to Get a Deal On Your Boudoir Photo Shoot With Philly’s Dollface Studio

Go on, book your shoot! Photo by Dollface Studio

Go on, book your shoot! Photo by Dollface Studio

You might find it strange that I have many times here in this space encouraged ladies to take their clothes off and get their picture taken, reader, but guess what? Here I am to do it again.

A few years ago, I put on my brave pants (well—er, I guess I kind of took them off) and did a boudoir photo shoot with the lovely ladies of Philly’s Dollface StudioI wrote this, so that you would know what it was really like to do one—and since then, have been a major proponent of doing a boudoir shoot at some point in your life, especially right before your wedding! It makes a great groom gift, you look great, and it’s just a really fun, girly, empowering, sexy thing to do before you walk down that aisle. (And judging by the web traffic my first-person account has gotten in the past few years, lots of you are curious about it.)

So whenever we see anything that would encourage you to take the plunge, we are going to tell you about it. And today we have learned from those lovely ladies at Dollface that if you book your boudoir package in August (you don’t have to do your shoot this month; just send in the deposit by August 31st), you will get 10 additional digital files along with your album package (excluding the Mini package). And since you are going to look smoking hot and will have a lot of trouble choosing images, believe us, this will come in handy.

Shoot an email to and she will set you all up! And then please come back here and tell me I was so right.

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