Are Karaoke Music Videos the Newest Trend in Wedding Videography?

When I first caught wind of this new trend where couples are choosing to document their wedding day with a karaoke-style music video, I wasn’t so sure how I felt about the conceptsure it’s a fun and playful idea but could it really replace the stunning, tear-jerking wedding videos we’ve come to know and love?

Then I watched one…

The “marryokes,” as they’ve been dubbed by the UK-based videographers who made them popular, mix scenes from your Big Day with shots of you and your guests lip syncing to a song of your choosing—the result is a viral-worthy video you’ll love watching for years to come.

So will marryokes catch on here in Philly? Only time will tell, but seasoned videographer Dave Williams of CinemaCake is all for it. While Williams and his team have done several music videos at social events over the years (they were popular with the Bar and Bat Mitzvah crowd about 10 years ago, he tells us), they’re certainly open to bringing the trend back to the wedding scene.

We’d love to hear your thoughts! Would your crew be on board to do something like this?

You can watch more entertaining marryokes here.

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