The Next Big Trend for Beach Weddings: Custom Sand Sculptures

Just the other day we came across a New York Times article declaring custom-built sandcastles the next big trend in beach weddings. (If you’re getting married on the sand you might as well incorporate it into your wedding-day decor, right?)

The massiveand oftentimes costlyworks of art and are, as the NYT put it, “what ice sculptures once were, minus the melting issue; impressively designed, highly personalized and offering an unexpected wow factor.”

They’ve been seen here and there at oceanside celebrations down south—but we were curious to know if it was something local couples were doing at the Jersey Shore, too, so we checked in with some of our favorite Shore venues to see what they had seen.

As it turns out, custom sandcastles are definitely a thing Philly-area couples are into these days—in fact, Jessica Vitagliano of One Atlantic says they do a ton of ’em with the help of local sand artist Matthew Diebert. “We’ve had couples come to us already knowing they want a sand sculpture at their wedding, but we always suggest the option to any clients looking for a beach-themed celebration,” she tells us. “Plus, in the off season, we have Matt make us one with our logo and we leave it in the lobby so all of our potential clients can see it and inquire about it if they want.”

As far as designs go, Vitagliano says many couples go for the classic sandcastle with their name and wedding date etched into it. Others go the custom route, having Diebert recreate a one-of-a-kind sculpture just for them. All couples meet with Diebert to collaborate on a design (he brings along his impressive portfolio for inspiration) and then he’ll arrive super early the morning of the wedding to work his magic. Sculptures start around $500 and increase from there depending on how elaborate the design is.

Take a peek below for a few custom sandcastles from One Atlantic weddings.

Would you do a sand sculpture for your summertime wedding?

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