Ask the Expert: Should We Provide Hotel Transportation for Our Destination Wedding Guests?

Question: We’re having a destination wedding and our guests are arriving on about three different days, at different times. Are we responsible for providing transportation from the airport to the hotel any time a guest comes in? Or can we just do it for the day that most people will be arriving and have the others handle their own transportation?

Answer: Ease of travel is paramount when planning for guests to attend your destination wedding, says Jennifer Byrne of Bryn Mawr-based The Tropical Travelers, so yes, you’ll want to make arrangements for all of your guests to be transported from the airport to the hotel. “There are too many scenarios going on with lots of people traveling not to ensure that they have a way to get to their hotel,” she says. “Perhaps they aren’t well-traveled and are not sure how to get to the proper place. Or maybe they’ve traveled a long distance and are exhausted and just don’t want to deal with the hassle of finding a taxi.” Either way, it’s incredibly helpful to have rides scheduled for your guests before they touch down.

When working with a certified consultant to plan your destination affair, they’ll always coordinate flights with transfers included, Byrne notes, unless there is a specific reason why a guest does not want their transportation pre-arranged. So, if you’ve got a travel expert helping you plan, just double check to make sure this is something they’ve taken care of.

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