6 Easy Steps to a Relaxing, Budget-Friendly Honeymoon



There are a handful of reasons why a couple might decide to forgo (or postpone) a lengthy multi-destination honeymoon and instead venture off on a mini getaway post-wedding: Time and budget are two obvious restrictions—after all, you did just spend a year planning and paying for the biggest party of your life—though the time of year can be a determining factor as well (you want to make sure it’s the ideal season to visit whichever location you’ve decided on).

Mini-moons have become increasingly popular these days; for many couples a quick, budget-friendly vacation right after the wedding, during which they can relax, reboot and relish in newlywed bliss, is the perfect alternative to an extravagant, prolonged honeymoon.

We agree with all the points made in this post about how to swing an awesome post-nuptial getaway that won’t break the bank, but this “3-4 plan” idea for a quick retreat especially got our attention: The “3-4 plan” is a straightforward way of planning an affordable mini-moon and it goes like this: Limit your trip to just three or four days and choose a destination that doesn’t take more than three or four hours to get to. Then, make reservations for just three or four must-visit attractions, activities or restaurants, and let the remainder of the trip happen spontaneously.

Seems like a pretty simple method, yes? You’re getting a well-rounded, meaningful trip that doesn’t break the bank or require you to take a week off of work. Sounds like a win-win to us.

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