Mini-Moon Vs. Honeymoon: New Wedding Trend?



Are you and your groom jetting off on a prolonged trip of a lifetime—a grand European tour or two weeks tucked away in one of those huts hovering two feet above a crystal blue sea—as soon as your last guest is off the dance floor at your reception? Or are you maybe taking just that Monday off, and planning to go away on an official honeymoon some other time?

If you and your dude are leaning towards the latter, apparently, you are in a growing group of getting-marrieds who, for whatever reason, are not into doing the honeymoon immediately following the wedding.

I read this piece in the New York Times over the weekend about how some couples, either because they don’t happen to have the days off from work at the particular time they’re getting married; or because they are getting married in the wrong season for whatever it is they’d ideally like to do for the honeymoon (visit a tropical island during hurricane season, for instance, or go on an all-out luxurious ski trip with a summer wedding date); or because they paid for a large portion of the wedding themselves and need time to save up again; or because they simply cannot handle planning a big trip at the same time as or on top of planning a wedding—are opting to push the honeymoon back. They do it a few months later, or for their one-year anniversary. And for the few nights after the weekend, they do a nice little weekend getaway, basically.

So, we’re curious: What do you think about this idea? Have you and your groom been considering waiting a little bit on the honeymoon front? Or are you already planning to do this? Why? Or on the other side, do you think it takes something away from the idea of the trip being a honeymoon—like, does prolonging it turn the trip into just a plain old vacation?—if you push it back until a while after the wedding? 

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