Oh, To Have Been a Fly On the Wall at This Billion-Dollar Wedding

Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias and Sting performed.

How have I spent the last 45 minutes, ladies and gentlemen? I’ll tell you. I’ve spent it peeping all I can peep about this, a Russian wedding that may or may not have cost a billion dollars. (The groom is an oil heir and his father would appear to be valued at around $6.2 billion, so, you know, pocket change.)

This is the bride (in her unbelievable Elie Saab):

A photo posted by @svadby_miira_lux on

This is JLo performing:

A video posted by @svadby_miira_lux on

This is Sting performing:

This is (an underdressed) Enrique Iglesias performing:

There were lots of flowers:

A photo posted by @svadby_miira_lux on

And I’m just going to stop myself right there, because I’m guessing you are now intrigued enough that the next 45 minutes of your life will now be dedicated to Instagram-stalking this wedding, as well. Sorry about that, but also, you’re welcome, because this is amazing.


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