I Tried It: LashBee’s New Lash Lift

It'll give your eyes the pop you want for your wedding, without the extensions.

This was just the start of the hour-long process.

This was just the start of the hour-long process.

We thought eyelash extensions were big when we first wrote about ’em back in 2014, but as it turns out, that was just the tip of the icebergthe trend has completely blown up since then, with more and more salons here in Philly offering the service for gals who want to add a bit of oomph to their fringe.

Now we’ve told you time and time again how fantastic lash extensions are for brides because they have the power to withstand wedding-day tears and ocean dips on your honeymoon (not to mention they photograph really well). And while all of that’s still true, we’ve now got another so-cool option you’ll want to consider, too.

The ladies at LashBee recently launched a new service called BeeLifted which promises to add the perfect lift and curl to natural lashes, without the use of extensions. The treatment was designed for clients with long, straight lashes who no longer want to be a slave to their eyelash curler (*raises hand*); they lift each lash one-by-one at the root and apply a special solution that helps maintain the curl for up to eight weeks.

With my stubborn, straight lashes in mind, I knew I had to take BeeLifted for a test run and, of course, report back with the results. Here’s how it all works: After applying a small collagen-infused eye pad to help hold down your bottom lashes, your lids and top lashes are given a thorough clean to remove any oils—you’ll want to arrive at your appointment sans eye makeup and contacts. (Your eyes are then closed for the rest of the treatment, which can take anywhere from 45-60 minutes.)

A small rod is placed on your eyelid—they choose the rod based on your natural lash length and eye shape—and your lashes are lifted and adhered to it one-by-one. After all of the lashes are in place, a safe processing solution is applied for 12-15 minutes to ensure that the lashes maintain the curl once the rod is removed. Afterwards, the lashes are coated in a nourishing oil to keep them hydrated and strong (that sits for about five minutes) and once they’re wiped cleaned, the stylist starts lifting the lashes up off the rod and you’re done!

It’s really a very comfortable treatment—I took a quick nap!—and the only post-lift rule is to avoid water and heavy makeup for 24 hours. I’m loving the look of my lashes, and suggest you check out this option (which will run you $190) if you’re not quite set on extensions but still want a little va va voom in time for your Big Day.

Ready to see my before and after? Take a look below for some mid-treatment photos and the final look.


Lauren applies a solution to my lashes to help them maintain the curl.


Here, my right lashes have been lifted and the curl is setting.


Here’s the before (left) and after (right), right after the treatment was done!

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