Philly Ranks Shockingly Low On List of 150 Top Cities To Get Married In the Country



Well, we’ve heard before that Philly frequently ranks as one of the more expensive cities in the country for tying the knot, and a new study suggests that while our lovely city certainly has pros when it comes to throwing a wedding celebration here, the financial cons haven’t changed.

WalletHub just put out a new report that breaks down, for 150 different cities, the main factors that come into play when a couple is planning a wedding. They use a lot of very technical words like “key dimensions” and “metrics,” but how it basically shakes out is like this: They analyzed 18 different points (number of hotels per 100,000 residents, number of party equipment rentals per 100,000 residents, etc.) across three main categories—wedding cost, wedding facilities and services, and activities and attractions—and then crunchcrunchcrunch.

The result?

Source: WalletHub

Philly ranks as 123rd as the best city to get married in. (Hmph.) Apparently, while we have an excellent number of activities and attractions and whatnot, both, I suppose, for holding weddings and entertaining guests who are in town for weddings, it comes back, again, to Philly being a pricey place to get hitched, and for that, they knocked us way down that ladder.

To gaze upon all of our praise and demerits (and read more about their methodology), go here.

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