Here’s How Much It Costs to Propose at Citizens Bank Park (and Every Other MLB Stadium)

A few people have sent this to me today—including a former coworker who introduced the link by saying, “Honest to God, it never, ever occurred to me that it cost money to propose at a baseball game.”—and because I highly believe that she is not the only one to whom this thought has not occurred, let us present this really fun graphic over on Swimmingly depicting the price of proposal at each and every MLB stadium in the country that allows it. (The nerve of the ones that don’t, huh?)

Graphic by Swimmingly.

Graphic by Swimmingly.

As you can see, the Phils fancy themselves the high-end tier of proposal enabling, with a popped question at Citizens Bank Park coming in at $450 (which, though, is the low end of the high end), a price that gets you a proposal on the live video board, four tickets, a champagne toast, and a commemorative DVD.

Any of you get proposed to for all the stadium to see at CBP? Do tell!

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