PW Reader Ring: Nikole & David!

Nikole's ring!

Nikole’s ring!

The couple: Nikole Cabrera and David Domke, from Newtown.

The ring: My ring is rose gold, with a pink diamond center stone that’s surrounded by morganites. David worked with his sister-in-law—they looked at my Pinterest page, and then he ordered it online. He figured out my size by putting my college ring on his pinky to see how it fit. He said that once it arrived, he knew it was perfect. It’s very simple and romantic, but totally me.

The proposal: I was completely, totally caught off guard. We had both just started new jobs, and I had just moved into a new apartment in a new city. We had been driving back and forth every weekend between Philly and North Jersey during the move, and I was excited, because it was going to be my first weekend at home in my new apartment. But then, I got a terrible cold … and then, word came that my boyfriend’s father had called for a “family meeting.” He’s been known to have these every now and then, but I figured since I wasn’t technically family, I didn’t have to go … Wrong. David dragged me, kicking and screaming.

We arrived at his house in Philly, and I saw a card with my name on it on the door. I was angry, tired, sick, and frustrated, so I said, “Why the hell is my name on the door?” David said, “Just read it. It will make everything better,” and then he turned, and walked around back. The card said, “I know the last few weekends have been rough. But I promise this will make up for it.” I walked in the front door to find another card that says “Will” (by then I had an idea of what this was) on a table with a candle and my favorite flowers (hydrangeas) in my favorite color (blue). On the inside of the card had more of our story in it, along with instructions to proceed to the kitchen, where I found another card labeled “You.”

From there, the cards led me into the living room where I found the “Marry” card, and lastly, to the deck outside—which was decorated with white drapes, hydrangeas, candles, hanging poufs, lit-up letts “N&D,” plus a bottle of pink moscato and two glasses. David was standing there holding the last card that said “Me?” He got down on one knee, holding the ring, and asked me to be his wife.

I was in shock and disbelief, I had so many questions, I was crying, I had no make up on, I was in comfy clothes, my hair was a mess, I had no clue what was going on, but of course I said yes! It was perfect and sweet in every way, and it was in grand part to my fiance’s mom, dad, and sister-in-law who it got decorated in time, because we arrived two hours ahead of schedule. It’s definitely not how I imagined it would happen, but I am beyond grateful and blessed.

The band: I want something in rose gold to match my engagement ring, but we haven’t thought much about it yet because we’ve been so busy planning!

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