Watch: Hilarious Satirical Video Suggests You Maybe Don’t Need to Instagram Your Proposal the Second It Happens 

I have seen this video floating around, but only watched it today, and OMG, I am still cringing. It nails our overly social-media-ed world right squarely on the head.

Alicia MacDonald, the writer and director of the satirical short film that shows the engagement of a fictitious couple peppered with video recording, selfie-taking, posting, and ‘like’-tracking, chose such a clever way to shine light on how out of hand the whole Look at my life! aspect of social media can get, especially when you are literally interrupting life moments as they happen in order to capture and share them.

Just watch, and you’ll see what she means. Perhaps it will remind you of someone you know? Go here, too, to see an interview with the filmmaker.

Otherwise Engaged from Jack Sidey on Vimeo.

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