Here’s What to Tell Your Wedding Guests If You’re Getting Married in Philly On Pope Weekend



Back in January, we started talking about the various headaches that the pontiff’s visit to Philadelphia was going to cause local couples getting married that last weekend in September. The main focus at that point in time was nabbing hotel rooms for your guests—but now that we’re closer to the main event, and we know a lot more about what it will mean for the city (you’ll definitely want to pay attention to this “traffic box” business), not surprisingly, even more obstacles have come to light.

We just read about one couple in particular whose wedding was actually canceled by the Secret Service just before their invitations went out for the crime of being located too close to one of Pope Francis’s events (they were tying the knot at the Down Town Club; the pope is set to speak at Independence Mall that same night)—so we thought perhaps now might be the time to remind you of those tips we gathered from wedding planner Lynda Barness back when all of this hubbub was beginning:

  • Tell your guests to bring your wedding invitation along with them when navigating to your wedding. Normally, we know, they’d just leave it up on their fridge when heading out, but Barness says that if they have it with them and can show it to any police officers or anyone else who is blocking their way or directing them around, it ups the chances that they’ll help you get to where you need to go.
  • Also give an invitation to all of your limo and shuttle bus drivers, should they encounter blockades, as well.
  • Since it’s looking like the most likely option for your guests arriving successfully at your celebration is going to be via their own two feet, be sure to give them a really good street map. Then they can walk themselves around whatever they need to without getting completely turned around. Thankfully, with its grid layout, Center City is pretty easy to navigate, so if they give themselves some time and a pretty pair of flats, they should be fine.

There will be frustrations, for sure, but hopefully with a little extra planning on the part of both you and your guests, your celebration with go off without a hitch—or any tears.

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