Watch This Philly Bride Crush “Don’t Stop Believin'” With the Band at Her Own Wedding

When Nicole Papay and Aaron Cheslock first met with Nick Centrella, the co-leader of EBE’s band Sydney, Aaron mentioned that Nicole had a great voice and should totally get up there and sing with the band at their wedding. Nicole demurred, but on her wedding day, her new husband and father decided the party really couldn’t end without her at the mic.

The local couple tied the knot at Philly’s Knowlton Mansion this past weekend, and during the reception, Nicole’s dad, Lou, and Aaron grabbed Centrella to see if she could sing Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” with the band. He granted that they would love if she joined them on stage.

And as you can see, Lou manages to surprise Nicole with the band’s invitation and convince her to accept it—and she nails it. “Any time someone that you have never heard sing joins you on stage, you have reservations about whether they will be good or if we will need to carry them through the song,” Centrella tells us.”But as you see in the video, as soon as she hit the first note, I put my hands in the air to signal to the rest of band that she was great and to just let her take it. She rocked the house and we were happy to supply the back up for that epic moment!”

Nicole, we are impressed! What an awesome memory from such an awesome day.

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